Automatic pump station of individual water supply LEPSE "Vodoley-Avto-S"

Automatic pump station of individual water supply LEPSE "Vodoley-Avto-S" consists of the vibration household pump "Vodoley-S" and automatic control device "ViStan 150-250V".

"Vodoley-S" pump has special characteristics allowing with the help of control device "ViStan 150-250V to keep key parameters (pressure, productivity) unchanged under the conditions of strong fluctuations of mains voltage. ATTENTION! It is forbidden to operate pump "Vodoley-S" without "ViStan 150-250V" control unit.

Pump station "Vodoley-Avto-S" allows to carry out automatic lifting of fresh water from any source (wells and tubular wells with an internal diameter not less than 100 mm, up to 20 m in depth) and also provides stable water supply for household, farm or gardening management.

"HOT WATER, SHOWER, WASHING, DISHWASHERS, TOILET" – all these conveniences become available with pump station "Vodoley-Avto-S". An opportunity to regulate water supply with an economically thin stream (especially in the absence of the sewerage) with the help of "Vodoley-Avto-S" allows to organize water supply from containers - storages of rainwater, barrels.

Installation and operation of pump station "Vodoley-Avto-S" doesn't demand use of special tools and the help of highly qualified specialists.

Pump station "Vodoley-Avto-S" provides:

- smooth start and stop of pump "Vodoley-S";

- stable water supply at fluctuations of tension of the mains voltage ranging from 150 V up to 250 V;

- automatic maintenance of water pressure in the pipeline at variable flow rate;

- turning on of pump "Vodoley-S" at coming water flow: opened the tap – "turn on the water";

- turning off pump "Vodoley-S" when closing the tap – closed the tap – "turned off the water";

- disconnecting of pump "Vodoley-S" when the water level is lower than water intake holes of the pump – "protection against dry running";

-protection against power supply fluctuations and from "short circuit";

- saving electricity and reducing current load on electrical wiring.

Pump station "Vodoley-Avto-S" is intended for operation at the following climatic conditions:

a) ambient temperature is from +1 ° C to +40 ° C;

b) atmospheric pressure is from 630 to 800 mm Hg.;

c) relative humidity up to 95% at air temperature of + 35 ° C

Pump station "Vodoley-Avto-S" meets requirements of TR TS 010/2011 "On the safety of machinery and equipment".

All details and accessories of the pump station are manufactured at Russian enterprises from domestic materials. Working pumping elastic parts of pump "Vodoley-S" are made of high-quality rubber based on natural rubber, which greatly increases reliability and durability of the pump and pump station.

Reliability and long service life make Vodoley-Avto-S station unique and the only one in its class. Modern technologies, component parts and materials used in the station ensure its safety (at observance of requirements of item 4) and the possibility of use throughout the territory of the Russian Federation and the CIS.

Pump station "Vodoley-Avto-S" has certificate of conformity No. ТС - RU. ГП86.В.00309 from 22.09.2015, valid until 21.09.2020, issued by LLC "REMS".

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  • Brand: АО ЛЕПСЕ
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  • Габариты: 390х118х285 мм
  • Вес: 5.00 кг

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