Angle grinder (USHM) LEPSE MSHU-0.8-125 with smooth start

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Optimum combination of price and quality, power and weight for household use. By means of the angle grinder of LEPSE production (Kirov) you can easily polish, sand, cut metal, treat concrete, stone and brick.

Here you can buy an inexpensive angle grinder with rpm adjustment, capacity of 800 W and cutting wheel of 125 mm at factory price!


AC supply voltage, V                                                                           220

Frequency, Hz                                                                                      50

Protection class                                                                                   "II" in accordance with GOST R MEK 60745-1-2009

Power consumption                                                                             800 W

Frequency of wheel rotation at idle speed, rpm                                from 2100 to 11000

Diameter of wheel, mm                                                                       125

Control unit                                                                                          yes

Length of power cord, m                                                                     2.7

Thread of output shaft                                                                        M14

Weight without working tool, accessories,

 additional handle and power cord, kg                                              1.9

Gross weight, kg                                                                                   2.4

Dimensions, mm                                                                                  284х237х100

Guarantee, months                                                                             12

Special advantages:

  • smooth start of angle grinder provides comfort during operation, protects electric drive and reducer from overloads at the moment of switching on;
  • 2-position connection of additional handle allows to keep and control the electric tool in a convenient way;
  • fast change of position of the protection cover and side handle;
  • double insulation excludes possibility of short circuit.

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smooth start
yes The Angle Grinder is equipped with a control unit
Side handle
Plastic The side handle is made of ABS plastic
lubrication type
plasticine The gear grinder body laid firm lubricant SHELL
Adjust speed
Absent LBM is not able to adjust the engine speed
Keyless Fixing protective housing by a latch
spindle lock
Knob Spindle lock for replacement cut-off wheels by means of a button

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  • Brand: АО ЛЕПСЕ
  • Product Code: МШУ-0,8-125 с плавным пуском
  • Габариты: 284х237х100 мм
  • Вес: 2.90 кг

  • Availability: 211
  • Старая цена: 3490 руб.
  • Цена: 3160 руб.

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