Electric meat grinder LEPSE "Gamma-2”

Multifunctional electric meat grinder "LEPSE Gamma-2" will make processing of food products as pleasant as possible.

Electric meat grinder produced by JSC "LEPSE" can be used for processing food products at home, as well as at public catering establishments.

Electric meat grinder has two nozzles:

·         for preparation of minced meat, fish or vegetable (small, medium and large-sized cutting);

·         for cutting and shredding vegetables, 4 types of cutting (drums for small and large shredding, slicing, grating cheese).


Power, W                                                                                               350

Peak power, W                                                                                      1500

Productivity (for meat), kg / h                                                               min. 90

Number of speeds                                                                                2

Guarantee, months                                                                              12

Dimensions, mm                                                                                   300х240х265

Net weight, kg                                                                                       3,5

Gross weight, kg                                                                                    6

Engine overload protection                                                                  available


·         ·         double-sided stainless steel cutting knife;

·         high performance with low power consumption;

·         patented three-element cutting unit for meat processing;

·         convenient and fast replacement of attachments in the electric drive;

·         presence of  service function "Manual mode";

·         executed in two color solutions.

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Cutting grinder unit
Three elements Scoring grating, perforated grille and double-sided knife. The kit includes three perforated lattice diameter: 7 mm, 4.4 mm and 3 mm.
There is Connection chopper motor through the plastic coupling half, which is part of the screw. In the event of an overload coupling half rotated.
Vegetable cutter
Comleted Cutting fruit and vegetable slices for shredding small and large straws, rub vegetables, fruit and cheese durum

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  • Brand: АО ЛЕПСЕ
  • Product Code: ЛЕПСЕ Гамма-2
  • Габариты: 300х240х265 мм
  • Вес: 5.65 кг

  • Availability: 12
  • Старая цена: 4970 руб.
  • Цена: 4690 руб.

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