Meat grinder - food processor LEPSE "Gamma-7-01" set 3

Reliable, inexpensive and productive meat grinder of Russian production with many attachments and functions. It is used for processing food products (meat, fish, mushrooms, etc.) at home.

The item is certified in accordance with GOST R and SB IEC systems.

Electric meat grinder LEPSE "Gamma-7-01" SET 3:

  • meat grinder (preparation of meat, fish and mushroom minced to small or large cut);
  • vegetable cutting machine (grater, shredder, cutting of vegetables, fruits, chocolate, cheese, nuts);


Supply voltage, V                                                                      220

Frequency, Hz                                                                           50

Power, W                                                                                   130

Productivity (for meat), kg / h                                                  min. 40

Operating mode                                                                       30 min - operation, 30 min - break

Net weight, kg                                                                           3

Gross weight, kg                                                                        5

Dimensions, mm                                                                       300х230х245

Guarantee, months                                                                  12


  •  a saber-shaped knife made of high-quality steel will help to prepare lush and soft minced meat of any quality with minimal loss of juice from fibers;
  • multifunctionality;
  • special design of vegetable cutter with automatic unloading of drums from crushed products without stopping of electric drive increases reliability, safety and productivity (the design is patented);
  • it is also possible to purchase an additional screw-type juicer "Gamma-SV", intended for obtaining juice-puree from berries and tomatoes.


·         Diploma of the winner of the All-Russian competition "100 best Russian goods", 1999.

·         Medal "Golden Sirin" 1st degree of the exhibition "Buy Russian", 2000.

·         Medal "Golden Sirin-2002" 1st degree of the exhibition "Buy Russian", 2002 for original design solution and multifunctionality.

Comments on meat grinder LEPSE “Gamma-7”

Cutting grinder unit
Two elements The grille and saber knife. The kit includes three lattice diameter: 7 mm, 4.4 mm and 3 mm.
There is The plastic sleeve adapter protects the motor from burning
Nozzle auger juicer
not completed Auger juicer for juice with pulp, puree, paste from the berries, fruits and succulent vegetables included 2 Gamma-7-01
Vegetable cutter
Comleted Cutting fruit and vegetable slices for shredding small and large straws, rub vegetables, fruit and cheese durum
Nozzle for cooking meat such as "beef stroganoff"
Comleted Cutting small pieces of meat in a timber

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  • Brand: АО ЛЕПСЕ
  • Product Code: ЛЕПСЕ "Гамма-7-01" комплект 3
  • Габариты: 300х230х245 мм
  • Вес: 5.00 кг

  • Availability: 1032
  • Старая цена: 3446 руб.
  • Цена: 3275 руб.

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