Medical ozone synthesizer LEPSE “OZON” 5-04

Medical ozone synthesizer LEPSE A-s-GOKSF-5-04 - "OZON" is intended for receiving ozone-oxygen mixture from medical oxygen at output from 0 to 30 mg/l at oxygen consumption from 0,2 to 1,0 l/min. Maximum concentration is reached at oxygen consumption less than 0,2 l/min. It is effectively used in ozone therapy (ozone gas OZ is generated by ozone synthesizer LEPSE A-s-GOKSF-5-04 - "OZON" and it is used as disinfectant. It can be injected into joints and sub cutis in pure form, can also be injected by mixing with physiological solution into bloodstream (autohemotherapy).


Supply voltage of alternating current, V                                   220

Frequency, Hz                                                                             50

Power consumption, W                                                              75

Maximum operating time without interval, hour                     8

Time resolution, sec.                                                                  1

Guarantee, month                                                                      12

Net weight, kg                                                                             3

Gross weight, kg                                                                         max. 3,5

Dimensions without package, mm                                            230x225x80

  • Timer.
  • Device for taking in a syringe.
  • Microprocessor control system.
  • Affordable price.

At your wish Ozone synthesizer can be additionally equipped with ozone concentration analyzer in liquid and gas media and a basic set of accessories for ozone-therapeutic procedures.

Areas of ozone application:

Ozone therapy, cosmetology, surgery, therapy, eye diseases, dermatology, obstetrics and gynecology, venereal and infectious diseases, urology, stomatology, etc.

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Measuring ozone
not completed
Performance Ozone
30 mg/l
on ozone concentration stabilization system
not completed

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  • Brand: АО ЛЕПСЕ
  • Product Code: Синтезатор озона ЛЕПСЕ А-с-ГОКСФ-5-04-"ОЗОН"
  • Габариты: 310х260х120 мм
  • Вес: 3.20 кг

  • Availability: 21
  • Старая цена: 99000 руб.
  • Цена: 94000 руб.

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